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Auntie webinar: Balancing work and life

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Auntie webinar: Balancing work and life

Time- and location-independent knowledge work is often associated with a perceived freedom and flexibility. The possibility of autonomy and control over one's own life supports wellbeing in general, including in terms of working hours and location.

What are the characteristics and challenges of reconciling work and life? How can you thrive and flourish in a job that goes "between your ears and home"?

Many struggle to find the balance between efficient work time and restful after-work hours. The line between work and free time is often blurred and often we don't feel rested even after some time off.

This free webinar will offer some helpful tips that can be used to develop better work-life boundaries, optimize the restorative effects of free time and to develop a better awareness of one's behavioural pitfalls regarding relaxation.

Even if you cannot attend the live webinar you can still view it afterwards as we will send a recording of the webinar to all who sign up for it.
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Hanna-Kaisa Raninen is a mental coach who holds a Master’s degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology and has two MBAs. In her work as Auntie-professional, Hanna-Kaisa helps her clients with stress management, self-management, better sleep and overall well-being. 
30 minutes

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